Trade with Slovakia

The engine of the economic growth of Slovakia will be in the development by 2020 the industry and, in particular, that part of the services, which is closely linked to the activities of industry  : transport, financial and business services. 
Slovakia will be more geared towards promoting production and services with a higher degree of value added, support of the information technology, shared services centres, and, in particular, research and development projects.
In Slovakia, there are several industries with a long tradition, such as engineering, chemical, electrotechnical engineering, wood-processing and food industry.
Part of the timber industry, pulp mills, textile and clothing industry, producers of electronics, food and tobacco industry were also relatively successful during the transformation into the conditions of a market economy.
In general, industry is currently undergoing a phase of rapid growth not only due to strong supply of foreign investors.
Slovakia is nowadays becoming one of the world leaders in the automotive industry. Two well-known car manufacturers PCA (in Trnava), and KIA Motors (in Žilina) joined the already implanted Volkswagen plant in Bratislava.

SARIO Agency provides entrepreneurs information in the form of Sectoral and Regional analysis of Slovak industry, to help bring in the Slovak products, services or technology needs with the appropriate sources, and to expand and promote business in Slovakia.