Slovak Matchmaking Fair 2015

The Slovak Matchamaking Fair 2015 is the most important meeting of the Slovak and foreign entrepreneurs, organized by SARIO under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

The Slovak Matchmaking Fair 2015 is following the eight successful years of the Slovak Matchmaking Fair (2007-2014, while in 2014 the event was named Export Forum 2014). Its innovative approach and the importance of international cooperation for the Slovak scene named it to the international forum of business and export companies. The Slovak Matchmaking Fair is the largest and most important international matchmaking event in the Slovak Republic.

The event is an active tool in communicating the marketing of production, subcontract offers and formation of joint ventures.
It is intended for professionals with the priorities of the sectorial orientation to:

  • energy
  • engineering industry
  • automotive industry
  • chemical industry
  • wood industry
  • IT
  • electroengineering

Each year the event is presented by the partner country with a high potential for the resumption of bilateral trade relations.
Accompanying events are presentations of companies, signatures of memoranda, round tables, and panel discussions.

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