Engineering industry

Slovakia is well–known as a country with a strong tradition in the machinery industry. For the national economy it is of crucial importance, not only in terms of the GDP and foreign trade, but also for job creation and overall employment.

Developed infrastructure, skilled work force and business friendly environment have attracted huge foreign investments in 90s mainly into automotive and electronics industries. Engineering industry faces currently environmental challenges and growing competition pressure from developed as well as emerging markets (e.g. BRICS) and needs to respond by implementation of new technologies and innovations, reducing costs and optimization of manufacturing processes.

Largest engineering companies in Slovakia by total sales:

  • Volkswagen Slovakia
  • Kia Motors Slovakia
  • PCA Slovakia
  • SAS Automotive
  • INA Kysuce
  • Getrag Ford Transmissions 
  • INA Skalica
  • Vaillant Industrial Slovakia
  • Continental Automotive Systems