Exceptionally successful half of 2017 for SARIO

The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO), in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, have had an exceptionally successful first half of 2017. The results of the first half of 2017 prove that the agency managed to conclude not only more projects but also to increase the number of potential jobs.

SARIO, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, managed to assist during this period with 17 successful investment projects. Once these projects would be implemented, they will lead to the creation of more than 4,650 direct new jobs, and we expect these investments to create sever thousands of indirect jobs. The total volume of planned investment amounts to 278 million euros.

Nine projects deal with the establishment of new plants, in 8 cases it is about expanding already existing projects.

"Slovakia is currently experiencing a golden period in terms of investment. The arrival of reputable companies, often without the investment support from the state, is the best proof that we have a stable and good business environment. Slovakia ceases to be an assembly workshop, but it raises the numbers of incoming investments with high added value accompanied by advanced technology and research. In the future, we will focus in particular on supporting research and development and placing investments in less developed areas with higher unemployment, “stressed Peter Žiga, Minister of Economy of the SR.

"The results of the first half of 2017 prove that Slovakia is still attractive for investors. The increase confirms that our country is attractive not only for new investors but also for established ones, who perceive Slovakia as a reliable partner. We also offer higher added value investments to regions with higher levels of unemployment, "said Robert Šimončič, SARIO Chief Executive Officer.

Comparison with previous first halves of the years 2013 - 2017:

  First half 2013 First half 2014 First half 2015 First half 2016 First half 2017
Number of successfully finalized projects SARIO 8 projects 15 projects 12 projects 14 projects 17 projects
Summary volume of investment 308 mil. EUR 98 mil. EUR 180 mil. EUR 390 mil. EUR

278 mil. EUR

Number of new direct jobs 2,095 jobs 2,794 jobs 2,895 jobs 1,779 jobs  
4,650 jobs

SARIO records the continuing trend of increasing the number of projects with high added value. There are among the completed projects, six projects of service centers (IT centers, design offices, support centers), which together will provide work to 600 highly qualified workers in different parts of Slovakia. Two completed projects have significant innovation potential for the future (SPINEA, Brose - Research and Development).
Investors come mainly from Germany and the US, but we have also recorded 3 projects of companies from Slovakia. A significant part of the investment is directed to regions with higher unemployment rates. Almost half of the closed projects will go to the regions of Central and Eastern Slovakia. The investments will be implemented in all regions of Slovakia, including Banskobystrický, Trnavský, Prešovský and Nitrianský kraj. New jobs will be created mainly in the following sectors: service centers, automotive components, and metalworking.

In the first half of 2017, the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency is also successful in the number of developed investment projects. The number has increased in comparison with the previous year.

Status by the end of first half year (June) 2015 2016 2017
(status by June 23, 2017)
Number of developed projects 42 developed projects 72 developed projects 74 developed projects
Potential of developed projects Aprox. 1.58 bln. Euro investment volume

aprox. 10,300 new jobs
aprox. 2.1 bln. Euro investment volume

aprox. 23,300 new jobs
aprox. 2.9 bln. Euro investment volume

aprox. 27,900 new jobs

During the first half of 2017, SARIO also organized or co-organized 39 events to strengthen the interconnection of Slovak businesses with foreign countries. A total of 1,435 companies and institutions participated, out of which 840 were Slovak and 520 foreign. During the cooperative events 2,477 business to business negotiations and B2G negotiations took place.
One of the most important foreign business events in Slovakia were traditionally Slovak Matchmaking Fair Nitra 2017, where 84 companies from Slovakia and abroad participated during the International Engineering Fair in Nitra.

SARIO also participated in the organization of the national stand and the support of Slovak exhibitors at the international fair Transport Logistic 2017 in Munich, which was aimed at supporting the ambition of Slovakia to become part of the Silk Road Project. Among the successful SARIO activities are also business trips to enhance the ability of Slovak companies to become active in business with Iran, Cuba or Israel, Estonia and Finland, focusing on ICT, high-tech, innovation and smart solutions.