Fairs and exhibitions abroad

International fairs and exhibitions abroad
SARIO provides services related to the technical- organizational side of the national stands at international fairs and exhibitions abroad. Joint expositions/national stands at exhibitions and fairs shall give the opportunity to Slovak SMEs to present their production and business offers, to get an overview about the technical and technological development in the given industry area and to establish business contacts with the goal of concluding contracts and exporting products abroad.  
For the whole period of implementation of the National project ‘Support of internationalization of SMEs’ (4. Q 2017- 3. Q 2023) it is planned to have approximately 75 national stands overall at international fairs and exhibitions. Around 70% of these will be organised in countries of the EU, and 30% in countries outside of the EU. Of the overall number of fairs and exhibitions in countries outside of the EU, some 65% of the national stands will be organised within Europe (non- EU countries), 25% will be in Asia (including the Near and Middle East), and 10% in countries of America and Australia.
Time schedule of fairs and exhibitions for a following year will be delivered/published always in the 4th Q. of the preceding year. When composing the schedule, fairs and exhibitions focused on subcontracting in priority territories (as defined by the Strategy of foreign economic relations for the 2014-2020 period)  will be preferred. 

Time schedule of fairs and exhibitions abroad with support of SARIO