Service & Business Process Outsourcing Centers in Slovakia

At Glance: SSC & BPO Centers

Maintain significant economic footprint
In Slovakia, the first shared service centers have been mostly established at beginning of the new millennium. Since then over 40 SSC & BPO centers joined the community and further are assessing the market. SSC & BPOs give job opportunities to approximately 30 000 people, thus leaving a significant footprint in the Slovak economy. These centers are important employers of young people with year-on-year headcount growth rate up to 10%.

Move up the value chain
Thanks to 15+ years of experience and the SSCs & BPOs dynamic growth, Slovak centers are being outsourced more and more complex functions. Majority of the SSCs and BPOs are transforming transactional tasks into value-added services (e.g. conduction of finance & accounting reports, development and administration of IT solutions, marketing activities, HR etc.) and are striving to found centers of excellence.

Top reasons why Slovakia was the right choice

  • Rich and qualified pool of labour force
    Slovakia has one of the highest proportions of secondary educated people in the EU.
  • Low average attrition rate
    Slovak SSC & BPO centers reach lower average fluctuation rate than the rest of the CEE region.
  • Language skills
    Almost every student at the secondary school level studies at least 2 foreign   languages.
  • Strategic time zone location
    Within one day Slovak SSC and BPOs can flexibly provide their services to business units or their clients in different locations around the globe at the same time.
  • Institutional Strategy for Shared Service Centers Development in Slovakia
    In 2016 the Government of the Slovak Republic has approved an action plan to actively support the development and expansion of the SSC & BPOs in Slovakia.
  • Institutional support of established SSC & BPOs in Slovakia
    SSC & BPOs in Slovakia can join the association called Business Service Center Forum, which includes the majority of companies in the sector and supports their interest at various platforms.  

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