Košice region

The Košice region is situated in the Southeastern part of Slovakia. In terms of population, it is Slovakia's second largest region. Geographically it is located in the East Slovakia lowlands and is bordered by Spišsko-Gemersky Karst Mountains. The city of Košice is the regional capital.

It is the administrative, industrial, commercial, economic and cultural center of eastern Slovakia. The region borders the Prešov and Banská Bystrica regions to the north and west, respectively, and shares a common border with both Hungary and Ukraine as well. The region is divided into 11 districts.

Major strengths of the region are the following: industrial character of the region including all sectors; utilization of natural resources (talc, magnesite, limestone, white salt); sufficiency of building capacities for industrial, transport buildings, housing construction and infrastructure; sufficiency of qualified work force with college education; big natural complexes together with cultural heritage represent potential for tourism; high land and climatic potential together with technical means for agriculture in Východoslovenská nížina; the international airport Košice; terminals of combined transport and wide track provide non-transshipment transport to eastern Europe and the second largest city in Slovakia, Košice, a center of education, science, research and culture. Some main foreign investors in the region are US Steel Kosice, Embraco, Yazaki Wiring, Panasonic and T-Systems.

The main sectors include metallurgy and the chemical and electrotechnical industries. The most dominant industry is metallurgy, which accounts for 60% of the region's industrial production and 50% of its exports. U.S. Steel Košice is the biggest company in the region in the metallurgy sector. The two other mentioned sectors are export-oriented as well. Chemko a.s. Slovakia specializes in organic and inorganic chemistry and the electro technical sector is represented primarily by foreign capital companies such as BSH Drives and Pumps Michalovce.

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