Slovak Sourcing and Cooperation Portal

The Slovak Sourcing and Cooperation Portal

is one of the essential tools to provide operational communications and information sharing virtually on supply and demand in all industries.

Portal is working on a platform of modern information system and meets all parameters for the smooth communication concepts of domestic and foreign entities.

The Portal has been created for more effective export promotion of Slovak products, intermediate products, services, cooperation and in establishing links of joint ventures between Slovakia and other countries.

Slovak Sourcing and Cooperation Portal provide the following options:

  • free registration for national and foreign entities,
  • upon registration a foreign entity is allowed to search for potential suppliers from Slovakia and also directly enter their requests to SARIO,
  • Slovak companies have free access to publication of their offers of goods, services, or to present other forms of cooperation with foreign entities,
  • the user has the option to obtain more information on the activities of SARIO in promoting trade and export activities.