COVID–19 Measures

The aim of this page is to inform about relevant measures for businesses adopted in Slovakia (SMEs as well as large enterprises) mitigating the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The right side of this webpage contains an overview of the newly approved measures by June 9, 2020. Additional new measures adopted after this date will be gradually processed and updated by SARIO on this webpage.

The current downloadable content includes the following measures:For additional information, please refer to the articles below.
This and the above-mentioned content is also available in Slovak.

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A summary of economic measures is also available on the webpage of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.
Disclaimer: Please note that the site’s goal is not to provide exhaustive information on all relevant measures adopted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SARIO’s materials and other data on economic measures are for information purposes only. SARIO does not bear any responsibility related to their completeness or acurateness. SARIO does not provide legal opinions or interpretations on the measures in question. For more information, we advise to contact the entity responsible for the implementation or administration of the given measure.

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