Export Markets

The most important industries
For Slovak export and import structure the most important industries are: automotive, electrical, mechanical and chemical industry (namely plastics production). Slovak export is dominated by cars, vehicles and their components, electrical machinery and appliances, plastics and products made from them.
Significant territories
Approximately 85% of Slovak export goes to the countries of the EU making it the most important sales market for Slovakia. Our export was mainly directed to Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and export to the Russian Federation, China and countries of Africa increased as well. The negative trend has export to America and Australia, where export of Slovak business subjects’ products decreased.
New potential territories
In addition to the European market, for Slovak exporters there are the new potentially important territories are in the countries of East and Southeast Asia, the Western Balkans, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.