Diversification Activities

Diversification Activities
represent a new activity of the SARIO agency aimed to support the sector portfolio diversification of Slovak companies towards promising high-tech areas with significant growth potential.

Does your company operate in areas such as electronics, mechanical engineering, progressive materials or IT, and are you at the same time eager to innovate? Then our Diversification Activities are here for you!

We will help you to utilize the experience and technological potential of your company as well as to find new business partners in Slovakia and abroad.
Space sector
The first sector of Diversification Activities is the space industry which brings not only high technologies but also high return on investment. At the same time, it opens up wide range of engagement opportunities for companies currently operating in other sectors, especially electrotechnics, mechanical engineering and IT.
Aviation sector
The aerospace sector represents a significantly growing area, bringing new opportunities for suppliers in the automotive, engineering, electronics or IT sectors. 

List of SARIO diversification activities events:


Emerging Space 2021

Slovak Space in Brussels, 20. January 2020
SARIO held talks about space industry cooperation in Israel
Slovak day at ILA, Berlin, 13 May 2020 
Slovak Space Tech Day 2 & Slovak Aviation Industry Day 
German-Slovak Space Industry e-Meeting
Digital technologies in healthcare sector - webinar 
Space applications in emergency situations -webinar
Copernicus & Galileo: How to build applications using satellite data -webinar
Experts Discussed Use of ICT in Emergency Situations - webinar

Slovak Space Tech Day
Getting Into Space

All services are free of charge.

For more information regarding planned events and the SARIO Diversification Activities, contact:
michal.brichta@sario.sk, Team Leader for Diversification Activities