Trnava region

The Trnava region is part of western Slovakia and is also one of the smallest regions in terms of both area and population. Geographically,
it is largely made up of the Danubian plain and the Záhorská lowlands, with the Little Carpathian Mountains running between them.

The area is rich in water resources, with the rivers Danube, Váh and Morava draining the region. The region has common borders with three countries: Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.  The region is divided into 7 districts.

The Trnava region is the third biggest recipient of FDI in Slovakia. Also due to the proximity to the Bratislava Region, the wages are quite high and the unemployment is considerably below the country’s average. Trnava region’s main strengths are: growing rate of foreign capital especially in industry; the highest level of utilization of agricultural land in SR; qualified work force; potential for building industrial zones; good transport position with a built highway and proximity with the Bratislava and Vienna airports and the existence of 3 universities. Some main foreign investors in the region are PSA Peugeot Citroen, SAMSUNG Electronics, Swedwood, Delphi and ON Semiconductor.

The region's main sectors are automotive, electrotechnics, metallurgy, chemistry and the glass industry. This situation is improving due to the shift towards higher added value production, especially in engineering and electronics, which has been noticeable recently due to the activities of several foreign investors.

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