Help desk Ukraine

On the basis of the declared interest of Ukrainian investors in Slovak Republic and in view of the significant economic potential of Ukraine and the real possibility of increasing the volume of investment flows from Ukraine to Slovakia SARIO establish '. "Help desk for Ukraine", which will serve to potential investors and representatives of the Ukrainian-Slovak business environment, who are interested in business activities in Ukraine.

SARIO services for potential investors Ukrainian:

  • Providing in-depth information on Slovak business environment, including sectorial and regional analysis
  • Assistance in implementing investment projects
  • Consultancy in the field of investment aid
  • Assistance in establishing companies in Slovakia
  • Identifying and offer suitable locations of the existing real estate database of SARIO
  • Support / assistance services relating to responsible investment
  • Assistance in obtaining work permits and residence permits in Slovakia
  • Systematic troubleshooting and lobbying at the municipal and state administration
  • Identification of appropriate suppliers and service providers
  • Assistance tailored to specific investor

SARIO services for Slovak entrepreneurs:

  • Slovak mediation offer specific products to Ukraine and Ukrainian demands in the domestic business environment
  • Organizing and accompanying business missions to Ukraine and Slovakia
  • For options, the various industries in Ukraine
  • Finding potential business partners in Ukraine according to criteria
  • Assistance in finding subcontracting opportunities in Ukraine
  • Information exchange and cooperation with partner organizations Ukrainian
  • Gathering information about attractive events in Ukraine
  • Provide for a presentation of Slovak companies on the Ukrainian trade fairs and exhibitions in order to active promotion of the Slovak business environment
  • Providing information on market of Ukraine (analysis, barriers, business forms, competition, etc.).

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Contact person:
Tomas Sandor 
Konzultant SARIO