Science and Technology parks

Science and Technology Park is an initiative based on the promotion of commercial research results and development by small and medium businesses, functionally and economically based on the development of real estate (land, buildings, networks). It is very closely linked with one or more research institutions (universities, academies, and other research and development organizations of the state sector).

source: Government Office of the Slovak Republic


CEPIT - Central european park for innovative Technologies Bratislava


CEPIT – Data Center – prepared projects

City: Bratislava - Vajnory
Name of park: CEPIT – Central european park for innovative Technologies Bratislava
Area: 633 000 m2
Type of park: Technology park - greenfield
Roads: distance to exit highway D1 - 3 km
City centre: 15 km
Airport: Bratislava 8 km / Wien-Swechat 75 km
Park functions
research / development / innovations / education and further training services / commerce / hotel / conference / expo / administration / business
CEPIT is a pilot project heading to knowledge-based economy The Science and technology park CEPIT satisfies in the area of Centrope the highest demands on quality, which modern technology firms require from scientific, research, innovative and technology infrastructure in a unique synergy.

The Science and technology park CEPIT offers a platform for cooperation and exchange of experience within its network of partners. It shall interlink science, research, education, business, living and leisure time into one unit in a synergic manner.
Data center, Energy and research center, Center of commerce and services, Industrial Academy
CEPIT – Zoning – prepared projectsCEPIT – Locality – prepared projectsCEPIT – Energy and Research Centrum – prepared projectsCEPIT – prepared projectsCEPIT – prepared projects