Chargé d´affaires of the Republic of Iraq in SARIO

Tuesday, 02. February 2010

The meeting of Mr. Segyan O. Botani, the new Iraqi chargé d´ affaires in Slovakia and SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel took place on the request of the new chargé d’ affaires.
The Iraqi guest was interested in the cooperation between the Slovak Republic and Iraq in the economic field and he also pointed out the options for its next development. “I would be glad if all Slovak – Iraqi projects were realized in the scope of SARIO, “said Segvan O. Botani.
SARIO CEO informed Iraqi chargé d´ affaires on the activities of the Slovak subjects focused on the reconstruction of Iraq. One of these activities is also the training project of Iraqi engineers on the premises of the International training center of SARIO cooperation partner BOST SK, a. s. in Trencin. In the end of January there was successfully finalized already fifth cycle of trainings prepared in the cooperation with the Trencin University and focused on programming and operation of CNC machine tools.
“I believe that today we are opening another door”, said Juraj Kiesel and he added that in the first half of this year we will prepare Slovak – Iraqi economic forum with the participation of business subjects interested in investing or forming joint venture companies.