Investment & Coperation Forum Slovakia 2010

Tuesday, 09. March 2010

The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency SARIO organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy the Investment and Cooperation Forum Slovakia 2010 (ICF Slovakia 2010). This event took place with the participation of the representatives of all 8 regions as well as 65 representatives of municipalities and 89 representatives of potential or established investors with the plans to expand.
“The main goal of this event is first of all to accelerate the decision making process of the potential investors with plans to realize their intents in Slovakia and consequently help through by all means to eliminate the negative impact of the economic crisis”, SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel said in his opening speech and he added that it should be facilitated by the contacts of the investors with the representatives of regional and municipal administration who have the most precise and current information on the needs of the regions.
Juraj Kiesel in his speech further stressed the fact that the Slovak economy continues to be very positively rated by the renowned agencies and institutions: “All well-known rating agencies rate the Slovak Republic as one of the best from the Central and Eastern European countries – Moody’s corporation gives us rating A1, Fitch Ratings A+ and Standard & Poor’s A+/A1“. SARIO CEO added in this context that from the point of view of the expected economic development the international institutions as the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and OECD forecast to us the highest GDP growth in the Eurozone.
Director of the Strategy Section of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic Vojtech Ferencz also appreciated the event that should improve the options for establishment of new investors. “The significant influx of foreign investment to the SR brings lowering the unemployment rate, growth of the standard of living and consumption rate of households which attracts investors to the field of services. Foreign direct investment in automotive and electrotechnics industries and consequent development of sub delivery relations are the main engines of the Slovak economy. Large investment into automotive and electrotechnics are balanced by smaller investment projects that lead into less preferred regions”, said Vojtech Ferencz.
ICF Slovakia 2010 offered room in two blocs for presentation of the Self-Governing regions after these presentations the panel discussions followed. The panel discussions were divided by topics: shared services centers and ICT; industry (with the focus on energy sector, machinery, automotive industry, electrotechnics and electronics) and industrial parks; innovation and R&D; tourism.
“I believe that today’s event will fulfill its goal and it will help to the undecided investors who either because of the caution streaming from the current world situation or with the focus on finding new information, paused or toned down their investment intents in Slovakia. I also believe that it will help to the regions that have a special opportunity to lay their offers and needs directly in front of those who are in the decision-making process of where to invest”, SARIO CEO summed up the significance of the event.