Meeting with Mexican Ambassador

Tuesday, 24. November 2009

Chief Executive Officer of the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency Juraj Kiesel received the visit of Mexican Ambassador Alejandro Díaz. The Ambassador was accompanied by Cristóbal González Ascencio, Second Secretary at the Embassy of Mexico in Vienna.
The topic of trade opportunities and cooperation perspectives within the trade and the investment projects support was mainly discussed during the meeting.
The participation of the Minister of Economy Ľubomír Jahnátek at the 12th International Energy Forum Ministerial meeting held in March 2010 in Cancún, Mexico has been confirmed. The projected presence of the Minister of Economy in Mexico at this event also opens the possibility to organize the 2nd reunion of the Joint Economic Commission in Mexico City. On such an occasion Juraj Kiesel showed an interest to prepare a Slovak business mission to Mexico. Alejandro Díaz offered support of the Mexican Embassy in the organization of such a mission, recommended to focus on engineering, automobile industry and waste water treatment and at the same time he suggested the close cooperation with the Mexican governmental agency PROMÉXICO. Currently the Memorandum of cooperation between SARIO and PROMÉXICO is under preparation.

The Joint Economic Commission

was founded on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Economy of Mexico and Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic.
The 1st reunion of the commission took place in Bratislava on 23 August 2008. The Mexican delegation was headed by Eduardo Javier Ramos Ávalos, Director of International Negotiation Coordination Unit, Ministry of Economy of Mexico and the Slovak delegation was headed by Eva Szabóová, General Director of Trade and Consumer Protection Section, Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic.
The conclusions of the 1st reunion state the need to diversify the economic relations through a provision of support of projects in automobile industry, aviation and engineering and also an intention to support the participation of the Slovak and Mexican entrepreneurs at events developing the economic and trade cooperation such as business missions and forums in Slovakia and Mexiko.
Among others the representatives of PROMÉXICO, COMCE (Mexican Industrial Council for Foreign Trade and Investments) and SARIO (Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency) were present at the 1st reunion of the Joint Economic Commission.