Russia is again in the spotlight

Tuesday, 19. February 2013

On February 15, 2013 Robert Šimončič, CEO SARIO attended the prestigious discussion forum of Daily Hospodárske noviny with the topic Russian investments in Slovakia and Slovak investments in Russia. Sergey Gorki, Vice Chairman of Sberbank of Russia and Štefan Rosina, President of Matador group discussed this hot topic with him in Bratislava.


According to R. Šimončič, the economic cooperation between the Slovak Republic and Russia shows great potential we have to build on. In his speech at HNClub he pointed out that in 1986 about 38% of Slovak export went to Russia, while today it is only 4%. Focusing on Russian market should, according to him, also contribute to reducing the dependence of Slovak export on the EU market. Currently 85% of Slovak export goes to Russia.


S.Gorkova, Vice President of Sberbank among others said that the potential for cooperation with  Russia, lies not only in energy, but also the financial sector, innovations, tourism and construction. Industry.


Russia is a great country with abundance of raw material, technological and financial resources, therefore the success of our companies on this market depends on tme competitiveness of our companies, their options to fill available production capacities and selection of relevant local partner. One of specific features of Russia internally regulated market.


Štefan Rosina, President of Matador Group recommends to companies potentially interested to penetrate the Russian market to check their partner, or do their due diligence of the purchased company, and especially to insure their  business. "We would not enter this market without the Eximbank," he says.


SARIO´s foreign trade strategy includes , on top of the efforts to gain new markets, also to diversify the export-oriented activities. The Ministry of Economy and SARIO in 2013 will primarily focus on the search of new customers for Slovak products  - zooming particularly on the Commonwealth of Independent States, including also Russia, South East Asia, Persian Gulf countries and the Balkans. SARIO intends to tap the potential of the Slovak-Russian trade relations through the establishment of the official representation in Astrakhan and Rostov-on-Don.


Video of the event can be viewed at: