SARIO and group of companies

Sunday, 27. December 2009

Negotiations between the SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel and the delegation of Krasnodar county of the Russian Federation including the representatives of the "Bazovyj element" group of companies. The meeting followed after the business mission of selected Slovak companies to Sochi in the Russian Federation. This mission traced the possibilities connected with the projects preparation for the Winter Olympic Games Sochi in 2014. During the meeting in SARIO, the branch director of "Bazovyj element" presented the possibilities of the construction project of the Olympic village since the group of companies is the authorized builder for this project. At the same time they introduced the options for the participation of the Slovak companies on the construction projects of the individual objects in the Olympic village in Sochi. By the beginning of the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014 there should be in the Olympics complex constructed 600.000 sq m of residential space. The system of the orders will be based on the public tenders. SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel signed the Agreement on the Cooperation between SARIO and the group of companies "Bazovyj element". The Russian party suggested that SARIO could be the coordination body for the progress of the Slovak companies with the aim to support their participation interest at the construction projects connected with the Olympic village in Sochi.