SARIO - the best investment agency in Eastern Europe



The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) received 1st place in the ranking “Global Best to Invest 2010” in the region of Eastern Europe by Site Selection magazine.  


Site Selection magazine has published the ranking “Global Best to Invest” for the third time. This ranking is based on an over  50 years long tradition of the new investment projects New Plant Database of Conway Data Inc.


This ranking covered six regions: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia – Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and Latin America.


The “Global Best to Invest” rankings were evaluated according to projects announced, capital invested and jobs created in total and per capita. Regions were scored according to their performance in these categories, and the corresponding investment promotion agencies were recognized based on overall performance.


Projects in the New Plant Database meet one or more of these criteria: a minimum investment of 1 million USD, creation of 50 or more new jobs or new construction of at least 1,860 sq. m.


Róbert Šimončič, SARIO CEO in this context said: “I consider the first place of SARIO agency in this ranking to be most of all the recognition of its employees´ work, for which I would like to thank them all. In the same time it is a motivation for us  to achieve higher effectivity and quality in FDI attraction process and  last but not least, it also the recognition of the effort of the Ministry of Economy of the  SR and the Slovak Government to constantly improve the business environment.”



Site Selection publisher Conway Data Inc. has been tracking project data for more than five decades. It manages the New Plant Database, which is the basis of much of Site Selection's editorial content throughout the year. It is the foundation of such prestigious honors as the Governor's Cup, the Competitiveness Award, Top Economic Development Groups and Top Deals, Canada's Top Locations and Top State Business Climates.


For more information on the ranking “Global Best to Invest“ go to: https://www.siteselection.com/issues/2011/may/2010-global-best-to-invest.cfm