SARIO: Vietnam wants to learn from Slovakia

Tuesday, 31. July 2012

Last week Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) organized a meeting of the Vietnamese Delegation with representatives of Slovak state institutions and enterprises. The Vietnamese Delegation met not only with SARIO representatives but also representatives of the Ministry of Environment of the SR and Vodohospodarska vystavba. The Delegation consisted of Minister of Natural Resources and Environment and other high ranking officials of Viet Nam National Mekong Committee.


"Slovakia is an inspiration for us in terms of water management solutions. We came to Slovakia to learn more about your successful projects and also to discuss potential cooperation with your experts and companies operating in this industry, said Nguen Thai Lai,Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


Vietnam is currently carrying out a comprehensive study on the impacts of Mekong mainstream hydropower plants on Viet Nam´s Mekong Delta. Therefore, the representatives of Vietnamese delegation have planned meetings with all countries which lie in the Danube basin. The main topics to be leant are negative impacts to flow regime, water quality, fishery etc. Viet Nam´s delegation is also interested in activities of riparian countries for mitigation of negative impacts and sustainable and equitable utilisation of the Danube water resources.


SARIO aims to support the development of the Slovak economy. It is not only carried out through foreign direct investment but also through the support of small and medium enterprises in search of export and trade opportunities abroad. SARIO strives to become a modern investment and trade promotion agency, which will be seen by foreign investors and domestic partners as a vehicle for growth and innovation in the SR.