Slovakia continues to be an attractive destination for investors

Wednesday, 17. February 2010

SARIO expressly refuses tendentious and biased declarations concerning business environment in the Slovak Republic. The Slovak economy was hit by the economic crisis just like the other, much stronger world economies (USA, EU, Japan...) and it consequently reflects into drop in investment and export. Any other views and evaluations are biased and they are harmful for the image of the Slovak Republic as well as for its economy. Nevertheless the Slovak economy is still very positively evaluated by renowned agencies and institutions. All reputable agencies rating agencies rate the Slovak Republic as one of the best from the Central and Eastern Europe - Moody’s Corporation gives us the rating A1, Fitch Ratings´ is A+ and Standard & Poor’s ratingA+/A1. From the viewpoint of the investment security Dun & Bradstreet rates us as a country with low risk on the return on the investment on the level of DB2d, which is the best rating from the V4 countries. As for the expected economic development, the International Monetary Fund forecasted the highest growth of GDP in Eurozone (3,7%) to Slovakia. The similar expectations, meaning the highest growth of the Slovak economy in this year in Eurozone are also held by the European Commission, OECD, National Bank of Slovakia and the Ministry of Finance of the SR (EK + 1,9%, OECD + 2,0%, NBS + 3,1%, MF SR + 2,8%). The Slovak Republic continues to be attractive destination which indicate also almost daily requests and negotiations with potential investors that take place in SARIO and it is also reflected in the interest in event that SARIO currently prepares - Investment & Cooperation Forum Slovakia 2010 (ICF Slovakia 2010) that will take place on March 9th, 2010 under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.