Second Investment Seminar during the official visit in India

Wednesday, 13. April 2011
New Delhi

Already second investment seminar organised by SARIO during the official business trip to India took place on 12.4.2011 with cooperation with FISME (Federation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in the Slovakian Embassy premises in New Delhi.

Indian entrepreneurs were interested in investment seminar as they did not have as much knowledge’s on Slovakia.

After an introduction by Ambassador of Slovakia in the Republic of India Mr. Marian Tomasik a speeches were delivered by the president of FISME VK Agarwal as well as our Minister of Economy Mr. Juraj Miškov.

Deputy CEO of SARIO Mrs. Andrea Gulová presented on the Slovak business environment and answered questions of more than 120 Indian businessmen. Most questions were asked about the establishment of a Limited liability company in Slovakia, search for export and trade opportunities abroad as well as SARIO assistance in joint-venture creation between Slovak and foreign companies.

“Mostly were focusing on cooperation in tourism, textile and chemical industries, steel, armaments and construction, especially construction of roads, sewage treatment and waste management", said Mrs. Andrea Gulová.

The presentations of the Slovak companies were followed by B2B meetings. The negotiations between the Slovak and Indian entrepreneurs lasted until the late hours. The representatives of SARIO offered cooperation to Indian partners in seeking appropriate Slovak companies according to their specific requirements.

FISME - established in 1995 to lead small and medium enterprises in the new economic environment. The basic priority is to promote entrepreneurship and facilitate the creation of competitive environment in the country, improvement of market access for businesses in India and abroad. It focuses on networking, education, research and publications which are also supported by the Indian Government. Currently presents the 22 provincial organizations of small and medium enterprises in 18 states. Closely cooperate with the key multilateral and bilateral organizations in India, such as UNIDO, ILO, UNCTAD, DFID, GTZ etc.