Investment incentives

Slovak Republic provides various forms of support for incoming investors, but also for established companies.

Regional investment incentives can be granted to new or established investors, SMEs or large companies, which invest in new capacities in the projects of industrial production, shared services centres (including IT centres) and technology centres.

The primary goal is to motivate investors to place their new projects in regions with higher unemployment and to attract projects with higher added value.

The second priority is to support investors with R&D operations in Slovakia. Therefore, companies with R&D have been able to benefit from the preferential tax regime, R&D superdeduction, since 2015. Tax regime enables these companies to deduct additional 100% of their R&D costs in respective tax period. It practically means that for every 100 € invested in R&D, companies can save 21 € on the corporate income tax.

More information on these support mechanisms can be found on following links:

 For more information on the investment support mechanisms, please contact invest@sario.sk