Industries & regions overviews

As a result of a strong industrial tradition and long-lasting focus on technical skills, the automotive industry and related sectors (such as machinery or electronics production) have currently a dominant position in Slovak economy. Beside these, already traditional industries, new economic sectors (such as ICT or shared service centres) gain on ever higher importance.

All these sectors are constantly evolving in order to remain competitive in global environment. Research and Development (R&D) can be considered as an accelerator of future success in all abovementioned industries. Therefore, we devote a separate brochure to this cross-sectoral discipline.

SARIO constantly monitors development in selected industries and prepares brochures about these sectors: 

Each Slovak region has a different set of comparative advantages, which can be a key for successful implementation of investor's project. SARIO is able to elaborate comprehensive analyses based on a standard commuting area of any pre-selected site. These analyses include: demographics data, information on an unemployment, headcounts of students and graduates at secondary schools and universities, overview of the biggest industrial employers in a region and other data based on investor's requirements.

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic concludes following regional overviews on a yearly basis:

For more information on Slovak economic sectors and regions, please contact invest@sario.sk.