About Us

The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) is the investment promotion state agency of the Slovak Republic within the competence of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

  • Mission

    The mission of the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency is to accelerate the investment, export and innovation potential of the Slovak Republic with the intention of turning the country into a technology center attractive to foreign investors, experts and potential business partners.

    Develop export potential in globally competitive industries and territories, support the expansion of established companies, foreign investment, increase employment in high value-added sectors and all regions in accordance with the strategy and economic policy of the Government of the Slovak Republic.

  • Vision

    Introduce the Slovak Republic as an attractive business center for foreign investors with the aim of creating jobs, preferably in sectors with high added value, and present Slovak companies as reliable and competitive business partners.

    The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency contributes to the mission by initiating technology transfer, connecting the scientific and business spheres, providing effective pro-client services, tools and platforms for internationalization-oriented companies, and developing export opportunities for products, services and innovations.

  • Who we are

    A team of people who, thanks to their expertise, competence and professional network of contacts, move things forward. In addition to services to support the inflow of investment and the development of foreign trade, we respond to current trends and requirements of our target groups.

    Thanks to new services for clients, we have become a global expert and consulting team not only for commercial entities, but also for representatives of public administration and local governments, global companies, embassies and academia.

  • Basic values

    1. Excellence

    2. Enthusiasm

    3. Teamwork

    4. Professionalism

  • Strategic goals

    Growth of investments with export potential and emphasis on: a) higher added value, direct investments in research and development, and technology transfer; b) diversification of sectors — presentation of Slovakia as a destination for the electrical industry, IT, industry, including e-mobility; c) employment growth in the least developed regions of Slovakia — reducing disparities between individual regions, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises; d) spreading and fulfilling the messages of the Slovakia nation brand.

    Systematic support of established investors in their expansion and innovation in the direction of the possibility of increasing the finalization of production in the Slovak Republic with emphasis on: a) comprehensive services supporting their economic growth; (b) support for expansion and technological performance; c) involvement of local entities in supply chains to foreign investors — internationalization of SMEs abroad, support of territorial growth of SMEs; d) increasing interest in joint venture projects of Slovak entities.

    Strengthening the interconnection of Slovak entities within the framework of a unified foreign policy by: a) supporting the growth of exports of products and services in strategically important sectors, especially to fast-growing markets; (b) promoting the export of technology, innovation and investment; (c) encouraging participation in major trade fairs and exhibitions; d) spreading and fulfilling the messages of the Slovakia nation brand.


  • International reputation services support investment SARIO was confirmed by awards 'Fastest-growing Investment Promotion Agency in Europe in 2003'

  • 'Best European Investment Promotion Agency in High-Tech Award' at the World Investment Conference in La Baule, France 2007

  • 'Global Best to Invest', the best investment agency in the region of Eastern Europe, Site Selection magazine, 2012, 2014