Slovak Space Office

SARIO is a part of the Slovak Space Office — a joint project with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sports of the Slovak Republic.
The Slovak Space Office consists of two components. The Ministry of Education is responsible for inter-ministerial political coordination and multilateral international cooperation (European Space Agency — ESA, EU, UN). SARIO covers the implementation part of the agenda, especially developing the space ecosystem, local and international partnerships.
The competencies of the of the Space Office's Industry Branch include: 

  • development of international cooperation in the space industry
  • support of Slovak entrepreneurs, research and development organizations in integrating into European industrial structures and participating in EU and ESA space projects
  • supporting the entry of new companies into the space sector
  • promoting cooperation between the universities and business
  • information and popularization activities and organization of events
    for the professionals and general public

NEWS 2021

  • The Slovak Space Office was officially welcomed as a Eurisy member in June 2021.

NEWS 2022

If you would like to learn more about the Slovak space industry, have a look at our brochure Space Industry in Slovakia.
You can find information on current projects and tenders in the space industry and planned events on the slovak.space. In case of any questions or your interest in a professional consultation, please write to us at spaceoffice@sario.sk or visit spaceoffice.sk.