Research & development

Slovakia has rich R&D capacities not only in the private sector but also in scientific and research institutes of technical universities and in the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Although Slovakia may still be considered an industrial, especially automotive superpower, the country's priority is the support of projects with higher added value and R&D activities.

SARIO significantly supports the growth of R&D capacities in Slovakia, not only through consultations on the regional investment aid scheme for technology centres and R&D superdeduction tax regime but also through other tailor-made services provided to specific investors.

Companies with R&D operations in Slovakia can benefit from:

  • direct and indirect state aid in the area of establishing technology and R&D centres
  • a special tax regime for research and development - additional deduction of research and development costs at the level of 100%
  • the Slovak labour force, which is a leader in the region of Central and Eastern Europe in its ability to successfully adapt to new technologies in production (according to the World Economic Forum)
  • the availability of qualified R&D personnel at affordable costs
  • a strong tradition in technical study fields reflected in a dense network of technical universities and secondary schools, which closely collaborate with private companies
  • a strong base of domestic and foreign, as well as public and private technology and R&D centres

For more information on the R&D sector, as well as support mechanisms in the field of R&D, please contact invest@sario.sk.

R&D & Innovation Sector in Slovakia