Investment services

Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency offers Slovak and foreign investors wide range of customized services.

Investment projects department of SARIO agency works on implementation of set strategy to attract foreign direct investment with export potential.
Services for Potential Investors

  • Presentation of key advantages of Slovakia as an investment destination including statistical data
  • Investment incentives consultancy
  • Assistance with identification of suitable real estate
  • Identification of potential suppliers and service providers
  • Assistance with implementation of investment projects
  • Starting a business consultancy
  • Relocation assistance, work/residence permits
  • Sectorial and regional analyses

Services for Established Investors

  • Implementation of strategy for businesses established in Slovakia with particular focus on strategic investors
  • Company expansion assistance
  • Identification of local suppliers and service providers
  • Systematical problem solving at regional and national level
  • Support of innovation and R&D activities

SARIO Innovation Services
the matching SARIO platform interconnecting the needs of large investors established in Slovakia with capacities and competencies of the most advanced and innovative Slovak technology companies.

SARIO Innovation Services focus on, but are not limited to:
Industry: automation, predictive maintenance, quality control, digital factory solutions
Product development: design, prototyping, testing, tooling
Services sector: software automation, outsourcing, cybersecurity, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Services in framework of Institutional Strategy for Business Service Centers (BSC) Development in Slovakia

  • Implementation of  Strategy for established BSC to support their further expansion and extend the range of provided services
  • Proactive attraction of new investments into BSC sector and presentation of Slovakia as optimal destination for this type of investments
  • Investment incentives consultancy for BSC sector
  • Assistance to companies interested in registration to BSC Register of Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic (in Slovak)
  • Advocacy activities for representatives of the sector at public institutions
  • Facilitating connections between schools, universities & research centers and business sector
  • Increasing awareness of BSC activities in Slovakia

All services are provided free of charge.