Shared Service & Business Process Outsourcing Centres

Establishment of Business Service Centres (BSC) by multinational companies, which want to remain competitive on a global market, is a well-known phenomenon.

These centres mostly offer a large number of job opportunities for language-skilled university graduates with a highly competitive salaries and benefits structure.

Over the past two decades, Slovakia experienced dynamic growth in the number of BSCs. While the first centres were established in the biggest Slovak cities, new investors are mostly evaluating also smaller, regional cities with lower competition on a labour market.

From the long-term perspective, Slovakia experiences also the shift from call centres towards the centres with high added value and lot of competencies in finance, HR, IT etc. BSC sector has, thanks to job creation and high added value, an important role in Slovak economy.

There are multiple success stories among BSCs established in Slovakia, such as IBM, AT&T, DELL, Amazon, DXC Technology and others.

SARIO constantly monitors the development in selected industries and prepares overviews in English.

Shared Service & Business Process Outsourcing Centers in Slovakia