SARIO Innovation Sourcing

SARIO Innovation Sourcing 
connects local technology companies, operating mainly in the Industry 4.0 sector, with the operations of production or logistics companies that plan to implement new innovative solutions in order to streamline and optimize their processes.

The main tool of innovation sourcing are tailor-made innovation seminars and workshops (including virtual ones), which focus on the presentation of companies and their technological solutions, and also serve as a business and presentation platform for local providers of these solutions.

The most frequent topics and areas in which companies seek innovative solutions for their operations include:

digitization, intelligent automation, and robotics of production or logistics, single-purpose machines, and equipment, predictive maintenance, quality control, built-in sensors, virtual and augmented reality, or complex IT solutions in areas of cyber security, digital twins, big data, artificial intelligence, or cloud technologies.

If you are interested in innovation sourcing either as a potential client or a provider of innovative solutions, especially in the field of Industry 4.0, do not hesitate to contact us.

Marek Kopanický, 
Consultant & Innovation Sourcing Lead,
Investment Projects Department, SARIO

E-mail: marek.kopanicky@sario.sk