Business Breakfast on Structural Funds in Banská Bystrica

Friday, 08. March 2013

On the March 5, 2013 took place in Banska Bystrica a business breakfast organized by the Investment Support Association (ISA) in cooperation SARIO, consulting company PwC and AmCham. The key topic was Currentcalls of the EU Structural Funds. Theaim of this event was to introduce companies and representatives of towns and municipalities from the Banská Bystrica region the current possibilities of applying for financial grants from the EU Structural funds. The opportunities and practical advices were presented by Lenka Bartoňová and Zuzana Šátková from PwC.


The current calls for application are related to the following areas:

·      Support for projects promoting innovative and advanced technologies in industrial production and services;

·      Support aimed at creation of new full-time jobs for the unemployed less than 29 years of age in selected fields of the economy;

·      Support for projects aimed at attracting tourism services in year-round operating facilities;

·      Support for projects aimed at building new sewage systems (for public and private sector);

·      Support for air protection projects;

·      Support for projects focused on handling hazardous waste in environmentally friendly way.


Participants of the seminar were mostly representatives of small and medium size companies (SMEs) from various industrial sectors incl. tourism, who are the eligible applicants for the finances. The SARIO agency regards the calls within the EU Structural funds as a key instrument for obtaining finances for SMEs, thus intensively supports all kinds of initiatives and promotional events on the topic of sharing information about the EU financial programs. For more information feel free to contact the agency SARIO at

You can find an information about these events also at the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs