Business Breakfast - Trade with Russia

Regional Office of the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency Banská Bystrica, the City of Banská Bystrica in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce Banska Bystrica organized January 17, 2017 business breakfast on the topic of trade with Russia with the representatives of the business environment in the premises of the historic town hall in Banska Bystrica.
Main topic of the meeting were the answers to the questions why trade with Russia, how to establish working relations with the Russian Federation, and what kind of partner is Russia as well as the analysis of the latest trends in business.
Guests and speakers: Vranská Victoria, Co-Owner and Managing Director ADRIAN GROUP Ltd., Ekaterina Beliakova, Business Representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Slovakia and Eugen S. Gunko of the Russian Embassy in Slovakia. The event was chaired by Marek Gallo, CEO of Russian-Slovak Business Council.