Demonstration of new SARIO work methods with the investors and regions

Monday, 12. April 2010

The demonstration of new investment and economic environment presentation options of the SR connected with the reveal of new work methods of SARIO agency with the investors and regions based on the new SARIO web site took place with participating representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the SR (MH SR) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the SR (MZV SR).
SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel introduced two models for presenting the investment and economic environment that will be accessible for the whole network of our embassies as well as the OBEO of the Ministry of Economy of the SR (OBEO MH SR). First so called “locked model“ includes general information on the investment and economic environment of the SR, and the second “variable model” may be edited by the employees of the individual representative offices respectively by OBEO MH SR, for example they may add the trade balance of the SR and the country they cover.  
New forms of  Slovakia presentation from SARIO workshop that will be available to all representative offices abroad were highly appreciated by the Director of the Economic Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tomas Bican: “I believe that this will help to the mutual cooperation and fulfill the economic dimension of diplomacy”, Tomas Bican said. New presentation options were received positively as well by the Director of the Strategic Investment Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic Karin Jassova: “We are looking forward to the cooperation; it is a big leap forward.”
 In the second part of the meeting the new working methods of SARIO agency were presented. They stem from intensifying the direct contact with the regions aiming to get the investors into direct contact with the representatives of the regional government and local municipalities. Until now there were signed Memorandums on cooperation of the SARIO agency with Trnava VUC, Presov VUC, Kosice VUC and Nitra VUC. In the near future we have planned the signing of these memorandums with all eight Self-Governing Regions.

The basis of new working methods of SARIO agency lays in enabling the direct contact of the potential investor with individual representatives of the Self/Governing Regions that are in charge of the regional development.

“After the mutual interlinking of the SARIO and VUC websites with the offers of the investment and export possibilities, the assigned FDI Section project manager will closely cooperate with SARIO regional offices and with the top representatives of the VUC regional development departments,” said SARIO CEO and he added, that if due to the time constraints it would not be feasible to visit the region personally, SARIO agency will organize a videoconference. The  Head of the Strategic Activities Department of the Nitra VUC Office, Mr. Martin Caja who had presented during the first videoconference the web database of the investment opportunities of Nitra VUC has become the pioneer in this field. In the end of the meeting SARIO CEO informed the participants that should this models prove useful, SARIO agency is ready to provide the communication through videoconference also to the ambassadors, or the Commercial Counselors of the Ministry of Economy (OBEO MH SR) abroad.