The economy should grow faster, companies are recruiting

Tuesday, 20. March 2012

This year the growth of Slovak economy might be even bigger than the 1.6% presented some time ago by Finance Minister Ivan Miklos. According to HN information, the latest estimates of the Ministry of Finance show growth of around 2%, which would greatly alleviate the need for the cuts for new Slovak Government.


The contracts for Slovak industry goods at the beginning of this year rose year-on the by one tenth. In addition, our economy is being pulled by better news from the West – Germany, after weak first quarter of 2011, shows some signs of improvement, which is likely to be positively reflected also in the contracts for the Slovak industry.


A positive surprise is the fact that the companies in eastern Slovakia have begun the search for new employees. Businesses in remote regions of Slovakia responded to the growing demand little bit later. There is more companies that plan to recruit, than companies with planned layoffs. New investments or business activities do not avoid east of Slovakia, on the contrary, because of lower cost workforce other companies are heading east because the market do not have problems to offer enough professional candidates. According to Manpower data, the automotive industry, a key sector of Slovak economy, announced recruitment in several regions. Demand is mainly for production operators, technicians and mechanical engineers, and still you can fastest find positions in manufacturing which do not require special skills.

Source: HN Online