Hannover Fair 2010


International Machinery Fair took place on April 19 – 23 2010 in Hannover, Germany. The partnership country of the fair was Italy. Although the transportation collapse of the international aviation transport had the impact on the representation of the companies, it did not hinder the importance and quality of this event that was the showcase of traditional industries connected with machinery dominated by the alternative options of hybrid engines, use and new trends in wind, thermo and electric energy, use of alternative materials in machinery (ceramics, tempered plastics etc.) as well as the latest trends in nanotechnology, automatization and development of machines. Slovak companies were presented in the joint booth of the Ministry of Economy of the SR under the organizational provision of the SOPK Trencin regional office. SARIO agency received especially joint venture offers of the foreign companies for the Slovak machinery companies oriented toward Balkans and other European countries and development of R&D projects with Russia and Belarus. Considering the existing strong interconnection of the economic and social relations with the Russian Federation and other Russian speaking countries, this sector is widely open for future development of business exchange and cooperation with the possibility of direct participation and management of these protects by SARIO. The countries of western Europe consider Slovakia advantageous because of the labour costs and its quality, as well as the strategic geographical location for the business exchange towards third countries.