Industrial Parks supported by the EU – opportunity for your business

Tuesday, 04. September 2012

Following the framework of the Sectoral Operational Programme Industry and Services (SOP I&S), 15 investment-ready sites were established in the process of industrial park project implementation in the Slovak Republic. These sites have the necessary infrastructure for establishment of domestic and foreign investors, also coming from among of small and medium enterprises.


These industrial parks have favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurial activities in the locations indicated on the map below.One of the main advantages which come with the establishment of your company in the industrial park supported by the SOP I&S, is the immediate readiness of the park to launch business activities, and hence bring profits to the company.

These locations are equipped with communications and utility networks (water, gas, electricity, transport, telecommunication, drainage, etc.), in some cases, there are already prepared production halls. Areas of the industrial parks are proprietary and are settled devoid of old burdens.


Readiness of the sites is not the only bonus for the potential investor. If the investor fulfills the legal conditions, he may also be given the investment aid and free consultancy services on this issue. The reason is mainly the support of business in the field of services and industry especially concerning small and medium enterprises in set regions and consequentially these efforts should have a positive impact on employment and reduction of regional disparities.

Investment aid in support of the initial investment and job creation is provided in the form of:

  • subsidies for the acquisition of long term tangible fixed assets and long term intangible assets,,
  • relief on income tax,
  • contribution on the creation of new job,
  • transfer of immovable property or exchange of real estate property at a price lower than the general market value of assets.

For the overview of the basic parameters and conditions of state aid please download SARIO document.

Nowadays the aforementioned advantages of the investment in the industrial park supported by the EU could be utilized by the potential investors especially in the areas of: Vranov, Vígľaš, Hurbanovo, Lučenec and Trebišov. There are also available capacities in the industrial parks in Jaklovce, Lipany, Poprad, Myjava and Diakovce.


For any additional information please, contact SARIO agency, Regional Offices Section at nehnutelnosti@sario.skor by phone +421 2 58 260 100