Investment seminar in Singapore

Monday, 18. April 2011


Investment seminar in Singapore closed investment road show of the Ministry of Economy of the SR, SARIO and representatives of business community in Asia. The Ambassador of Singapore for Slovakia Jennie Chua prepared this event. First Slovak investment seminar in Singapore has opened opportunities to strengthen mutual trade exchange stressing production cooperation, creation of joint ventures, investment support and cooperation in R&D.


Singapore is trade, financial, communication and transportation center of global importance with highly developed and very successful model of market economy with the highest HDP per inhabitant in the world. Phillip Overmyjer, the Executive Director of Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) said in his opening remarks that the economy of Singapore is highly competitive and belongs to the most opened economies of the world. In the last year the economy of Singapore grew by 14.7% and the investment volume increased by one fourth. After the speech of Juraj Miskov, Minister of the Economy of the SR, the presentation of our business environment followed by Robert Simoncic: "The trade balance of our countries is only the beginning what we may achieve. Your country is global business leader and our real ideal. We are interested to learn from you to make business effective and sophisticated and how to implement your tools into our business environment. I am sure that also we have lots to offer to your country," stressed SARIO CEO and as one example he mentioned our software companies. Singapore offers an option for Slovak products to reach all key markets of south eastern Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Korea).


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