Meeting with the representatives of economic institutions during investment seminars in Taiwan

Tuesday, 12. October 2010
Taipei, Taiwan


The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency together with the Slovak Cultural and Economic Office in Taipei on October 13 – 18, 2010 organize series of investment seminars in three economic centers in Taiwan.


Andrea Gulova, Assigned Chief Executive Officer of SARIO together with Miroslava Hospodarova, Project Manager of FDI Section, SARIO took part at several meetings with the representatives of state institutions in capital city Taipei, Taiwan.

On October 12th, 2010 the meetings with the representatives of the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) and with the Investment Department at the Ministry of Economic Relations of Taiwan took place. Both these bodies have similar work description as SARIO and they have very similar activities. Mr. Yan-Hsin Shiau, the Director of the Department of BOFT was interested in possibilities to support mutual import and export, since in 2008 mutual turnover recorded decline by 13.3%. Slovakia with Taiwan records negative trade balance on long term and there surely is potential to strengthen Slovak export to Taiwan. Both parties confirmed support of future cooperation between their respective countries with the aim to increase trade between Slovakia and Taiwan.


The main topic of the meeting with the Investment Department of the Ministry of Economic Relations of Taiwan was Slovakia´s potential as the investment destination and experience of established Taiwanese companies in Slovakia. Mr. Jen-Kai Kao, Executive Director of Investment Department of the Ministry informed about the interest of the Taiwanese companies in Slovakia as well as about the fact, that they still do not have enough information about our country. This was also a reason, why he supported organizing investment seminars in Taiwan with the aim to spread the information on investment opportunities among the Taiwanese companies.


In the afternoon Mrs. Andrea Gulová, Assigned Chief Executive Officer of SARIO met with the Export Import Association of Taipei (IEAT). There is in this association of over 5,400 companies as members and the chairmanship of this organization rotates each 6 months between the members. Currently is the Chairman Mr. S. W. Lee, he is active in the pharmaceutical industry. Since the pharmaceutical and chemical industry is very strong in Taiwan, Mr. Lee presented his imminent interest in cooperation with Slovak companies in this sector. Mr. Huang, the Secretary General of IEAT also showed interest in receiving regular information on Slovak fairs and exhibitions that the members of the association might be informed through their monthly publication “Trade Magazine” for all members. In each issue there is room for one country cooperating with IEAT and the representatives of IEAT proposed to Andrea Gulova the option to present Slovakia and the agency and this proposal was Mrs. Andrea Gulova welcomed and also proposed organizing a business mission to Slovakia in the next year.