Opening of a new BEHR plant in Slovakia


On June 15, 2012 the inauguration of a new plant of German company Behr GmbH & Co. KG for exhaust gas coolers and oil coolers for cars took place in Namestovo.


 The representatives of Behr Company in the opening remarks thanked for very good cooperation and assistance to SARIO and to the Ministry of Economy of the SR and they appreciated friendly approach of the local government.


"I'm glad we were able to locate our new facility in Slovakia since it offers good base for a skilled workforce and high productivity at a competitive cost. Other positives include the fact that our plant in Námestovo is very well situated in terms of transport and logistics,"- said Juergen Ernst, CEO of Europe Division E Behr.


The opening ceremony was attended also by SARIO FDI Section Director Andrea Gulová, Miroslav Ivan, the Head of Strategic Investment of the Ministry of Economy of the SR and local government officials led by Jan Kader, Mayor of Namestovo.


Andrea Gulová, SARIO FDI Section Director in this regard stated: "It is very gratifying that SARIO was able to  assist in the establishment of leading automotive supplier since this sector is the backbone of the Slovak economy."


The new plant is located in the hall with an area of ??approx. 8,000 m2, where the company Behr Slovakia domesticated in the spring of 2011 and started production in March 2012. According to the director of the company, Behr currently employs about 50 people and by 2017 plans to increase this number to 490.  Its employees will work in three shifts five days a week. The company specializes in welding, soldering and assembly of car heat exchangers.