Partnership of SARIO and Slovak TV

Tuesday, 20. April 2010

The representatives of the strategic development of the Slovak Television have presented the project of the satellite broadcasting focused on the image of Slovakia abroad to the top representatives of the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency. According to the Director in Charge of the Strategic Project Jan Dianiska the main goal of this project is to strengthen the identity of the Slovaks living abroad and to attract them back to Slovakia not only as tourists but as well as entrepreneurs. “We would be happy if this project would create one of the pillars of the state presentation directed abroad,” said Jan Dianiska and he added that it is the reason they are looking for natural partners for cooperation – the institutions actively pursuing the presentation of the Slovak Republic from different perspectives. SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel informed the representatives of the Slovak Televison about many different activities and tools the agency uses to present the economic and investment environment of Slovakia that could be used also as a part of the satellite broadcasting project. “SARIO agency welcomes the opportunity to participate in this project that might help with the presentation of Slovakia and attract the attention of foreign business subjects”, said Juraj Kiesel.