SARIO: European battery solution for electric vehicles developed and manufactured in Slovakia

Thursday, 19. September 2019
SARIO: European battery solution for electric vehicles developed and manufactured in Slovakia
Slovakia responds to global trends. Changing customer preferences to alternative drives forces car manufacturers as well as their suppliers to transform their businesses. Thanks to its growing innovation and diversification services, the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO), together with its partners, can offer increasing support in this transformation

The Expert Forum of InoBat and the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) at the IAA 2019 in Frankfurt highlighted this potential. The expert forum titled “Europe’s in-house EV Battery Solution Developed and Made in Slovakia” had very prominent speakers:

• Martin Koers, CEO of the German Automotive Industry Association
• Robert Šimončič, Director General of SARIO,
• Marián Boček, CEO of InoBat
• Joerg Hitpass, Marketing Director of Volkswagen AG.

The expert forum was moderated by Oto Pisoň, Deputy Director of Investment Projects Department and SARIO Innovation Manager. The event was co-organized by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Berlin and the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic for Hessen.
According to the European Commission estimates, to meet the rapidly growing demand in Europe, it will be necessary to build at least 10 - 20 factories for the mass production of EV batteries. The goal of InoBat is to fill this market niche and build a new European brand in this segment, whose intellectual property will come from Slovakia. “As part of the InoBat Auto project, we plan to build a vertically integrated supply chain, beginning with research and development and ending with production, which, thanks to Wildcat Discovery Technologies' unique technology, has the potential to trigger a revolution in electric vehicle batteries across Europe. The construction of the production line is scheduled to start in the first half of 2020 and we expect production to start by the end of 2021,” said Marián Boček, Chairman of the Board of InoBat.

“Nearly 4 million cars per year are produced in the 400 km radius of Bratislava. This represents a significant market potential for placing a new plant for the production and development of batteries for electric vehicles (as well as its supply network) in Slovakia. SARIO and the Ministry of Economy fully support the transformation of our automotive industry into alternative drives, " said Robert Šimončič, when introducing Slovakia's investment potential. Apart from that, a part of the presentation was devoted to how the SARIO's innovation services, which connect the needs of large investments with competences of Slovak technology companies, can help with the site-location of e-mobility related investment projects.

The theme of the Expert Forum as well as the efforts of the organizers was also appreciated by the IAA organizer, Martin Koers: “The German Automotive Industry Association welcomes the initiative of Slovakia to foster innovation towards alternative powertrains. It is necessary to put emphasis on greener solutions that will improve the sustainability of the whole industry across Europe.” The German automaker Volkswagen AG, the largest employer in Slovakia, also had a prominent representation in the event. Joerg Hitpass stressed that the Bratislava plant is already part of the Group's strategy towards alternative propulsion: „Volkswagen takes its transformation towards e-mobility seriously and is glad that Slovakia is a part of this process, as the e-Up and Touareg Hybrid are exclusively produced in Bratislava.“  
InoBat, together with the American company Wildcat Discovery Technologies, which also cooperates with giants such as Apple, Samsung, and BMW, brings to Slovakia an investment of approximately 100 million euros and hundreds of jobs focused on the development and production of batteries for electric vehicles. In addition, very recently another player - a major Slovak automotive supplier, Matador Group - has just announced the entry into this project, and confirmed that will be involved in building a research and development center, including the first Slovak battery production line.

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