SARIO supports export / SARIO presentation centers

Tuesday, 16. February 2010

As a part of its pro export activities, the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency SARIO supports establishment of presentation centers for Slovak business subjects in attractive territories with perspective of their penetration into the market. The opening of the first Slovak business center on the Arabian Peninsula - Slovak-Emirates Business Center with the seat in Dubai, will take place in cooperation with the Export-Import bank of the Slovak Republic, Mesopotamia International, s r. o and company AL FAJER Co. from the United Arab Emirates. The main mission of the center will be to create conditions for the presentation of the top Slovak companies from the sectors of energy, water and waste industry and processing of cut glass that are able to anchor on this demanding market. SARIO aims to create opportunities for realization of marketing intents of Slovak production and export companies in the Arab Peninsula territory. SARIO plans to establish on the same basis new permanent presentation centers for the Russian Federation (Sochi), Near and Middle East (Amman, Jordan), the Maghreb countries (Tripoli), Asia (Hong Kong) and Latin America, while all these centers will function on the principle of self-financing. Demands for use of services of these centers will be continuously published on SARIO web site.