Tuesday, 12. October 2021
The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) in cooperation with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bern (Switzerland) and the Swiss business entity PRODIGO Sàrl organized on October 7th, 2021 at 10.00 АМ thematic webinar connected with free online consultations entitled DOING BUSINESS IN SWITZERLAND: SWISS MARKET KNOW-HOW.

After introductory words delivered by Ms. Natália Barinková, Deputy Director of the Foreign Trade Department of SARIO, and by H.E. Mr. Alexander Micovčin, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, there was an expert input from the side of Mrs. Linda Kapustová Helbichová, Economic Diplomat and First Secretary of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bern, and from Mr. Michel Patteet, Representative of the Swiss business entity called PRODIGO Sàrl operating on this territory.
During the professional panel, many interesting aspects were raised regarding the entry into the Swiss market, including the trade barriers as well as the requirements that particular entrepreneurs do have to face, because Switzerland is not a member-state of the European Union. During the webinar we allude to many interesting topics including the possibility of the establishing of company in Switzerland, the legal and tax system or restrictive measures due to COVID-19 pandemic. Within the webinar, facts and datas concerning the overall economic condition of the country, opportunities for Slovak companies or practical advices for the Slovak entrepreneurs who want to enter this market were presented as well.

Switzerland is a great "test market" for Slovak companies, as it borders Germany, Italy and France, Europe's largest economies, and due to its multinational composition and inhabitant distribution, product placement on the Swiss market may be interesting not only for finding out the local market preferences but also for discovering the consumer’s preferences of the large European national economies. In total, the webinar was attended by as many as 29 participants – namely Slovak companies in particular from the sectors of ICT, marketing, consulting, food production as well as engineering.
During the second half of the day, there were free 15-minute online meetings held with PRODIGO Sàrl entity or an economic diplomat, Mrs. Kapustová Helbichová, for those participants who chose so during the registration process. A total number of 7 free online consultations took place, there were mainly the companies that wanted to get practical advices on how to enter the Swiss market and how to start doing business there.

If you are interested, you can watch the webinar on this link. The webinar was held in English.


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