Taiwanese experience in the establishment of R&D parks

Tuesday, 26. October 2010
Hsinchu (Taiwan)

How to create a successful technology park and support R&D? This was the discussion topic of Andrea Gulova, SARIO Chief Executive Officer with Randy T. M. Yen, the Administration Director of Hsinchu Science Park during her visit of Taiwan. The SARIO representatives had furthermore the opportunity to see the Taiwanese solutions in real life.


Hsinchu Science Park was created 30 years ago in small town of Hsinchu, close to the capital city of Taipei. Its founders hoped to start with it the R&D activities in Taiwan. This project was financially supported by the government which prepared the real estate and infrastructure while the available space was provided into long term lease to the companies from pre-selected sectors. Investment into park is supported by the government and the investors have the opportunity to use certain advantages, for example: lower income tax, the option to deduct the R&D expenses, they are not limited by import duties and they have access to R&D grants.


Science parks in Taiwan are small cities with fully developed city infrastructure – there are housing capacities, hospitals, post offices, banks as well as schools and universities that creates favorable environment for FDI attraction.


During the visit of Hsinchu the representatives of SARIO had the opportunity to visit also the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and take a look at the products of this institute which prides itself with many awards for innovation. ITRI processes 30% of state projects, the rest are the projects of private companies, although the application of research results is financed by the companies.


The representatives of Hsinchu Science Park showed interest in the cooperation with Slovakia and both parties agreed on the opportunity to organize next year the investment seminars for companies in this park.