Use of available production capacities to fight the economic crisis

Wednesday, 13. January 2010

The meeting on the solution concept for the use of available production capacities in Slovakia took place in SARIO at the participation of SARIO, Eximbank, Slovak Industry Association and Export Alliance for Strategic Technologies (EAST).
According to Ivan Carnogursky the issue of production capacities in the biggest European economies is permanently untenable. “For example in Germany majority of small and medium sized enterprises do not go bankrupt because of the low sales or technological lag, but mostly because of the high production costs”, said Ivan Carnogursky and added that precisely there is the space for the Slovak production sector.
Eximbank Deputy CEO Stefan Veselovsky said in this context that their bank is currently ready to support the transit of production capacities to Slovakia with the portfolio of their own products as well as in cooperation with commercial banks.
“This indirect form of attracting investment brings not only the effect of new jobs but it also creates new web of subcontractors”, said SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel and he added that the agency is ready to work as a coordinator of the whole process including the selection of suitable production segments in the individual regions of Slovakia. “In this connection also Export Alliance for Strategic Technologies (EAST), that was established with the assistance from SARIO and by now it very closely cooperates with the agency“, added Vladimir Bielik, President Export Alliance for Strategic Technologies (EAST) that associates small and medium sized businesses in the field of machinery production.