We are here for Slovak companies as well

Friday, 20. April 2012

Slovak Agency for Investment and Trade Development (SARIO) launches a campaign to support Slovak companies. This campaign should fight the myth that state is supporting only foreign companies. SARIO does not only attract foreign investments, especially to disadvantaged areas; the agency supports companies already operating in Slovakia, helps with their planned expansion, export promotion and research and development activities.


„The law on state incentives guarantees equal opportunities for all companies interested to invest in Slovakia, regardless of the origin of the investment. SARIO successfully supports Slovak companies to link them with new business contacts and to find new markets for their products” said Robert Simoncic, SARIO CEO.


SARIO´s services for companies are free of charge. This applies for example to professional assistance in dealing with business plans, market monitoring on the basis of individual requirements, exchanging of contacts to potential business partners, state and local governments as well as help in overcoming administrative burden in business.


“We help Slovak companies to establish themselves in a strong foreign competition. We believe that our producers can offer quality to foreign partners and be successful in global market. “said Andrea Gulova, Deputy SARIO CEO.


SARIO has extensive experience in supporting business and investment activities. For nearly 11 years we have processed over 50O successful projects.


SARIO strives to be the modern agency perceived by the foreign investors and domestic partners as the vehicle for growth and investment. The agency aims to assist in the development of the Slovak economy as much as possible by attracting new investment and supporting foreign trade that will be eventually projected in the new jobs and increase of the living standards in Slovakia.