Slovak–Finnish Industry 4.0 Day

Microsoft Teams online webinar
Business Finland and SARIO

Marek Kopanický, E: marek.kopanicky@sario.sk / Anna Łomża, E: anna.lomza@businessfinland.fi

Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) and Business Finland are pleased to invite you to the Slovak–Finnish Industry 4.0 Day — webinar focused around knowledge and experience sharing in the field of Industry 4.0 solutions for modern factories.

Driven by high manufacturing density with strong automotive focus, Slovakia is one of the CEE leaders in transforming its factories to become smart, digital, and automated. The country has become the regional forerunner of automation and robotics shift largely due to the hefty presence of world-class global and local automotive industry players.

Unique and persistent tradition, public and private sector, and cutting–edge digital expertise have helped Finland to succeed in building its industrial sector while at the same time protecting nature. Finland has a strong smart manufacturing competence, being a leader in the development of wireless technologies and sustainable digitalization in the future of advanced manufacturing — going beyond Industry 4.0.


10.00 Welcome & introduction — Business Finland and SARIO

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Erkki Siira, Scale-up Coordinator
  • How we co-create in Finland? Building a culture of experience sharing among industry, research organizations and SMEs. Case of Reboot IoT Factory.

10.20 Nokia, Tuuli Ahava, Director of Digital Automation
  • Practical applications of Industry 4.0 in Finland. Case of selected forerunner Finnish factory.

10.30 Volkswagen Bratislava, Tomáš Mičík, Head of Planning Management
  • Process innovation in large–scale car prodution. Implementation of Industry 4.0 in Volkswagen Bratislava plant.

10.45 Matador Group (TBC)
  • Smart manufacturing in Slovakia. Merging extensive manufacturing experience with Industry 4.0 services.

10.55 Q&A


AirFaas (Finland) Edward Blomstedt, CEO
  • Multi-party supply chain ecosystem
CEIT (Slovakia), Róbert Žalman, IT Specialist
  • Automation of internal logistics, optimization of production and logistics processes and complex solutions for smart factories
Cimcorp (Finland) Jukka-Pekka Akola, Sales Manager
  • Passion for optimized material flow. Automated robotic solutions for intralogistics
Photoneo (Slovakia), Ľudovít Šurhaňák, Global Partner Manager
  • State–of–the–art 3D–sensing technology (scanners & cameras) for advanced robotic applications
Confidex (Finland) Alexander Abeln, Sales Director Automotive
  • Data to Knowledge — Wireless solutions to power up industrial IoT
Predictive Data Science (Slovakia), Štefan Rydzi, CEO
  • Own Artificial Intelligence Platform (PDSAIP), which monitors the state of production facilities and predicts possible failures and bottlenecks
Remion (Finland) Jukka Kivimäki, CEO
  • IoT service solutions improving the efficiency of using machines, equipment & business processes

12.00 Q&A

12.15 Closing remarks from SARIO and Business Finland

Please register until 16th June 2020.
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