Trenčín region

The Trenčín region forms part of northwest Slovakia. Geographically it belongs to the Western Carpathian Mountains, and its most densely populated areas are concentrated on the banks of the River Váh.

The region has a common border with four other regions of Slovakia—Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Nitra and Trnava—and the Czech Republic forms the western border of the region. The region is divided into 9 districts.

Some strong points of the region are: a fuel-energetic base, brown coal mining of national importance; favourable age and educational structure of population; diversified industrial base with dominance of industry; good geographic position – access to the highway that connects Western Slovakia with the EU; lower wages and higher unemployment as compared to the Bratislava and Trnava regions. Some main foreign investors in the region are AU Optronics, Leoni Autokabel, Yazaki, Yura Corporation, Emerson and Continental Matador.

The most important industrial sectors are machinery, metal-working industry, electronics industry, chemistry (especially rubber industry) and building industry. Machinery production was once oriented on weapons and at present is undergoing a significant overhaul. The chemical industry is concentrated in the Púchov district, which is home to a producer of tyres. Foreign investors can be found behind the intensive investment into the production of cables and operators.

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