Žilina region

The Žilina region is situated in the northwest part of the Slovak Republic. Geographically, it is mainly a mountainous region made up of the West Tatras, the Great Fatra and the Little Fatra mountains.

The population is concentrated in the valleys of the major regional rivers – the Váh, the Orava and the Turiec. For conservation and environmental purposes, there are large protected areas in the region. In fact, these areas make up over 50% of the Žilina region and just over 30% of the protected areas in Slovakia. The area is also popular for its spas. The region shares borders with the Czech Republic and Poland. Within Slovakia, the Trenčín, Banská Bystrica and Prešov region border the Žilina region. The region is divided into 11 districts.

Recognizable strong points of the region are: resources of wood and non-metallic silicate deposits; access to the highway which connects the region to Western Slovakia and the EU; high level of water supply from public tabs; good conditions for tourism and presence of important foreign investors. Some main foreign investors in the region are Kia Motors, Schaeffler, Mondi SCP and Panasonic Industrial Devices

The most productive companies in the region are focused on the production of cars, metals, machinery, wood, cellulose, paper and the products made from them. Unlike other regions of Slovakia, construction is very strong in Žilina, with a 13% share of turnover. The electrotechnics industry and telecommunications have a relatively high share in the region and their importance is growing thanks to the investment activities of foreign investors.

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